I don’t Want to Be Here

2014, site specific installation, Vrångsholmen, Sweden

curated by Filippa Pettersson

+ video ‘A Babe in the Woods’

+ 2 texts for the exhibition and work

Text for the exhibition:


Communal space (energy) Shared energy (space)

Intimacy Garlic

Why don’t you. Clean after yourself!

Help the others. Do it. Take care of. The shared living.


Not my problem.
I never do that.
Place to be.
Come and look.
Don’t talk to her.
You are (not) alone (with the others).

You can not run away from yourself. This is
I don’t want to be here.

Golden chain.
Heavy and chained but will contribute to all of those who will be released. They will be ok.
And better.

Somehow stuck and lazy bitches. Wanting is not enough.

– Nina Fránková 2014

A Babe in the Woods

​​Seeking solitary objects with charisma. Finally several are gathered. The characters act as an appropriate group of props. The entire staged situation requires absolute personification during any given moment.

The body mediates and moderates.

Moods are fluid energies circulating between structures and properties of matter.

Surfaces, shapes, origin, smell and consistency act as letters in the alphabet. Hands are a dinosaur. Oversized monsters that act for the sake of survival. It happens to be an inevitable movement.

While objects are manipulated they cannot fight back having been removed from their original places. They are not able to run or scream.

Being privileged by taking part they succumb and become a sacrifice.

– Nina Fránková, 2014


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10. 1. 2020